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                    Religious topics arising from Falun Gong
                    Adjust font size:   Close 银川晚报 China Association for Cultic Studies 2008-10-14


                    1. Is Falun Gong a Religion?

                    2. Li Hongzhi's View on Religion

                    3. Religious Circles Boycott Falun Gong, Calling It a Cult

                    4. Expert and Scholar's Point of View on Falun Gong

                    5. Legal Status of Falun Gong Groups

                    6. Falun Gong Becomes a Political Tool Increasingly


                    1. Is Falun Gong a Religion?


                    Falun Gong was defined as a cult and banned by Chinese government, for it's what the international community calls "extreme cult" and "destructive cult" or the cult. Because the activities of Falun Gong are extreme and destructive, it no longer falls into the category of belief and it followers should be punished for breaking the law and for committing crimes. Chinese legislature has made clear legal definition on cult, which serves as strict and solid legal foundation for the government to handle all the issues concerning Falun Gong.


                    Some question its nature of cult and their questioning is based on the assumption that Falun Gong is a religion. In Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, the US government always mentions Falun Gong as a "religious group" and criticizes Chinese government for categorizing it as a cult.


                    As for the relationship between Falun Gong and religion, the leader of Falun Gong, the religious community, the political community and the academic community have different opinions.


                    2. Li Hongzhi's View on Religion


                    Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong states time and again that Falun Gong is not a religion and "doesn't have anything to do with today's religions."


                    "Falun Dafa is not a religion, but future generations will regard it as one. It is taught to human beings for the purpose of cultivation practice, rather than to establish a religion."[1]


                    "Religions have religious forms, while what we're transmitting here is the cultivation part of our discipline. We don't worry about religious forms unless you're a specialized Falun Dafa disciple. So anyway, we're not part of Buddhism in the Age of the Law's End."[2]


                    "The Law in Buddhism is only a small part of the Buddha Law. There are a lot of other profound Great Law practices, and every level has a different Law...Our Falun Dafa is also one of the 84,000 disciplines, but it's never been related to Buddhism, from the original Buddhism right on up to the one in the Age of the Law's End. And it doesn't have anything to do with today's religions."[3]


                    "As to religions, I have talked about this subject many times. I don't object to your practicing any religion. Ours is not an institutional religion, so don't regard us as such."[4]


                    The following are remarks made by Li Hongzhi in several interviews with journalists from May to July, 1999.[5]


                    – On May 2, 1999, interview with journalists at Sydney


                    Li Hongzhi: The first thing I would like to say is that Falun Gong is not a religion. They (the practitioners) are all ordinary people in the society, they have jobs or businesses, and some of them are students. The only difference is that they do their morning exercises in the way the Falun Gong teaches. They work as usual as others. The practitioners neither have any administration office, nor need to pay. In this sense, they are not organized. They do Falun Gong practice totally out of their own will. So we can say it just is a mass practice.


                    Journalist: You know the Christianity also teaches people to be good people and so does the communist party. Now please tell me, how different is Falun Gong?


                    Li Hongzhi: Christianity is a religion, but we are common people who go to work after practicing Falun Gong in the morning.


                    They (the practitioners) do not have a temple; they do not have any office. They phone each other at home if having something to discuss, that's it. So how could they get involved in any religion? They do not have tenet, they do not have any creeds, do they? Sakyamuni Buddha introduced over one hundred commandments which his followers have to abide by. To stay at my temple, you have to obey my rules. But the Falun Gong practitioners do not have any rules to abide by. They do not have any religious ritual to follow, do they? Talking about rituals, we all know that the Buddhist ritual stipulate how to worship Buddha, how to do other things. But we do not have any ritual to follow. So how could we get involved in any religion? I just give people one book to read, and now they are all reading it; I also teach people some practicing acts, and they are all trying to do them well. Actually, only in the morning do our people gather together practicing Falun Gong. They all go to work after practice. So how could we get involved in any religion? We absolutely have nothing to do with religion.


                    Journalist: I have read your book Zhuan Falun. You claim in a paragraph that at present, you are the only one who is preaching the upright Fofa. You mean to say that your doctrines are much better than that in other religions, don't you?


                    Li Hongzhi: To say so, I mean we are not a religious group. And that's what I want to clarify at the beginning.


                    – On July 25, 1999, interview with Radio France International


                    Li Hongzhi: Actually, Falun Gong is just a practice of a mass character.


                    – On July 26, 1999, interview with Holland TV in New York


                    Li Hongzhi: When I show this (Falun Gong) to and pass it on to more people, it has no difference with such things as the common Qigong, the Tai Chi and the morning exercise popular in the Western countries. People do morning exercise of Falun Gong for one or half an hour, and then go to work. They are all ordinary members in the society, not organized as a religion.[6]


                    Li Hongzhi emphasizes repeatedly in his articles – or scriptures called by his followers, that Falun Gong does not possess the basic elements to form a religion.


                    "Every Falun Gong practitioner is a member of society, and each has his own job or career. It's only that they go to the park to do Falun Gong exercises for half an hour or an hour every morning, and then they go to work. We don't have various provisions that people have to follow, as religions do, nor do we have any temples, churches, or religious rituals. People can come to learn or leave as they please, and we have no membership rosters. How is it a religion?"[7]


                    "Falun Gong is nothing more than a mass practice. It is not an organized activity."[8]


                    Li Hongzhi also lifts up Falun Gong and himself beyond measure.


                    "No matter how large the cosmos is, it's still not as large as I am."[9]


                    "(Perhaps) when the cosmos is no more, only I am there."[10]


                    "No matter how big the Dafa is, I am not in it. But your lives are all within its range."[11]


                    "The moment I would say to a dimension that something be formed, it would immediately take form. And any object could be created at the mere thought of it – trace a finger in the air and it would form."[12]


                    "Buddha Amitabha had two million Fashen. There are so many of my Fashen that they cannot be calculated by numbers, and they are numerous."[13]


                    "Whether we're talking about inside China or abroad, I'm the only one who's really transmitting a practice that takes you to higher levels."[14]


                    "Right now I'm the only person in the world who is publicly spreading a true teaching. I have done something that's never been done by anyone before, and I've made this available to everyone during the Age of the Law's End."[15]


                    "Falun Dafa has for the first time throughout the ages provided the nature of the universe – the Buddha Fa – to human beings; this amounts to providing them a ladder to ascend to heaven."[16]


                    "Right now the dimension where we human beings exist and a lot of otherdimensions are in great danger. And the same goes for other dimensions at this level. If you practice Falun Gong, you can escape."[17]


                    "I've unveiled a mystery of the ages, the secret of secrets that absolutely couldn't be told, I've revealed the inside story of all the different cultivation ways in history...If I can't save you nobody can."[18]


                    "I have done something nobody did in the past, and I have opened a big door. I have done something even greater. That is, I have made public all the principles of cultivation practice as well as the elements for completing cultivation. In addition, I have talked about it very systematically. This is why the gods at very high levels have said, 'You have left man a ladder to heaven – Zhuan Falun.'"[19]


                    "No religion or cultivation method is able to save you to a place that is even higher than its own gods. Our Dafa can save all sentient beings. How high a person cultivates is up to the person himself. That's because Dafa is the Fa of the cosmos and has created living environments for all beings in the cosmos. It can bring you back to the original position."[20]


                    "Are you a human being?" asked Mr. Dowell, the reporter of Time Magazine during his interview with Li Hongzhi on May 10, 1999. Li replied: "You can think of me as a human being."


                    While lavishing praise on himself, Li Hongzhi debases and denounces existing religions.


                    "Now the religions that were created in this century, or not just this century, a lot of new religions around the world were created in the past few centuries, most of them are fake."[21]


                    "The current religions ...are no longer capable of saving people... not cultivation...This Fa is immense, but even so, you're still mixing things into it. Even mixing in low-level things is unacceptable, and doing so will mess up the body you cultivate with and everything you've developed by cultivating, and you won't be able to return home. You would be sabotaging your own path of advancement."[22]


                    "Religions can no longer save people today. Many people in them have become politicians. "[23]


                    "In today's human society, no religion can enable people's minds and humanity's moral standards to re-ascend. Those involved with religion know this too, yet there is nothing at all they can do about it...At present, none of the upright religions have gods overseeing them anymore, and the people in those religions are fighting for money, profit, and status."[24]


                    "You've seen the effect religion has on society when human morality is on the wane. Not only can it not save people, but it also corrupts people's righteous faith."[25]


                    "I recognize that religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, also Judaism and some other religions in history were upright. But in this present historical period where the human mindset is modernized in today's society, people are no longer able to use their original human nature and ancient mindset to understand those religions...Since you can no longer understand them, you cannot be saved by them and they don't look after you." "I tell you this because I fear that you may be hampered by those religions, which can't save you."[26]


                    "Many of the world's true religions can no longer save people...Original religions can no longer save people, having entered the Age of Law's End. "[27]


                    "Buddhism's Law doesn't cover the entire Buddha Law – it's just a tiny little part of Buddha Law."[28]


                    "Buddhism's teachings are the smallest and weakest part of Buddha Fa."[29]


                    "Buddhism cannot represent the entire Buddha Fa...It is the mighty Buddha Fa that creates Buddhas, and not Buddha Sakyamuni that created the Buddha Fa. Buddha Sakyamuni enlightened to the Buddha Fa, enlightening up to the level of his Attainment Status...How different is modern Buddhism from Brahmanism in its later period?"[30]


                    "An alms bowl was used in the past, but now they (the monks) use an inverted bell – they go begging with an inverted bell. And they don't at all want the food you give them – hey want money."[31]


                    "The Daoist school practices solitary cultivation; the Daoist religion should not exist."[32]


                    "It's just that it is completely in the midst of kalpa's end and the Dharma ending period, and people today now understand the doctrines incorrectly. It's just that I don't see any Asians in Jesus' Heavenly Kingdom. Back in the times of Jesus and Jehovah, they didn't allow their religion to be spread to the East."[33]


                    "Christianity takes the cross as the symbol of God, the sign of the heavenly kingdom, and the symbol of Christ. That's the biggest disrespect to gods...The cross is placed on graves, it truly represents death – not a god...Christianity has used the image of Jesus suffering on the cross as its symbol. That is something gods cannot tolerate – they absolutely can't tolerate it!"[34]


                    "In fact, no one knows that even though many people talk about believing in Buddhas or believing in gods, the truth is, if you aren't someone from that particular god's world he won't save you whatsoever. I once made a statement that whether it's Christianity or Catholicism, in their paradises there are no Eastern people. This is an absolute truth which man doesn't understand. Yet Western religions went to the East with the Crusades, and the way they spread wasn't good to begin with, since both Jesus and Yahweh prohibited their disciples from spreading the teachings eastward. It was to prevent the mixing of human races, but they didn't understand this. I once said that Jesus has many venerable images but that you don't use them. Yet you do use the image of him being crucified on the cross as the symbol. Doesn't that make it seem as if people want to have Jesus crucified on the cross forever?"[35]


                    "A Christian's religious practice will be in vain. She's just like an everyday person,...will still reincarnate in the realm of ordinary people."[36]


                    "It was the same with religions in the old days. Buddhas didn't recognize religions. Religions were names crafted by ordinary people."[37]


                    Mr. Li Hongzhi warns his followers: You must keep away from other religions if you want to practice Falun Gong.


                    "When spreading Dafa you should no longer mention at all what you learned previously, you should make a clean break with it...Don't read the books of other religions and Qigong."[38]


                    "A lot of practitioners who learn one practice today, then go and learn some other one tomorrow, and they turn their own bodies into a big mess, which makes success just impossible."[39]


                    "This Fa is immense, but even so, you're still mixing things into it. Even mixing in low-level things is unacceptable, and doing so will mess up the body you cultivate with and everything you've developed by cultivating, and you won't be able to return home. You would be sabotaging your own path of advancement."[40]


                    "I tell you this because I fear that you may be hampered by those religions, which can't save you."[41]


                    Furthermore, Li Hongzhi felt great enmity towards existing religions. And he called on his followers to disintegrate completely the traditional religions which obstruct the propagation of Falun Gong.


                    Mr. Li wrote a "lection" titled Disintegrate Completely All the Meddling Deities in the Three Realms that Have a Hand in Interfering with Fa-Rectification in February, 2007. He said, "Among them are so-called 'gods' who control the major religions of man...have not allowed people with religious affiliations to come to know Dafa...At present they are doing all they can to prevent religious believers from learning the facts, causing the billions of people with religious affiliations to miss this chance that they have waited millennia for, and putting the sentient beings in danger of being weeded out; and they have even been directly interfering with Fa-rectification. Thus, if the world's people are to be saved, it has become an absolute necessity for Dafa disciples to completely disintegrate the old forces and all of the meddling, vile deities in the Three Realms that are hampering sentient beings' salvation and learning of the facts. No matter what outward appearance their existence may assume, whether they assume a form or not, what level they may be, or whose appearance they may take on, completely disintegrate and eliminate them all...especially when it comes to those meddling gods that control religions and are hostile towards Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples' saving of sentient beings: disintegrate them completely."


                    Keeping in mind the words by Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, no one will be surprised at the following occurrence.


                    In April 2002, Zhuang Shiping and other 53 CPPCC members from Hong Kong submitted a jointly signed statement to the Fifth Meeting of Ninth CPPCC National Conference. The joint statement, titled The Harmfulness of Falun Gong Must be Continuously Faced up to, pointed out that since Falun Gong is not a religion, it has nothing to do with religious freedom to disclose and denounce Falun Gong. In China, the cult nature of Falun Gong has already been understood. Even Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong admits that Falun Gong is not a religious organization. It doesn't agree with facts if one puts Falun Gong as a religion. In fact, Falun Gong has nothing to do with religion. So foreign Falun Gong followers, who think the ban of Falun Gong an interference with religious freedom, should stop making any wrong comments.


                    But Li Hongzhi instigates his followers to put on religious mask when he considers it would be more advantageous for him to do so.


                    "From now on, when somebody says Falun Gong is a religion, just let it go. If they want to learn more you can tell them how Falun Gong is not a religion; and if they don't want to learn more, you don't need to talk about whether it's a religion. If somebody wants to call it a religion, so be it, since in society the term 'religion' doesn't have any bad connotations...However much ordinary people can understand it... In fact, I told you long ago that ordinary people would call us a religion. I discussed that before when I was teaching the Fa."[42]


                    "Let me mention something while we're on this topic. In the future, if someone asks whether we are a religion, don't offer an explanation, don't try to explain that anymore to the average person. Whatever the person thinks we are is up to him. You're clear on this, right?...So in Western society, if the average person comments on whether you are a religion, you needn't reply, and you don't need to take it that seriously. If a government, social organization, administrative department, congressional representative, etc. says that you're a religion, you no longer need to tell them that we're not. If legal issues are involved, you can handle things as a religion and go by the related legal provisions. So under these circumstances you can say it is a religion, especially when it involves legal matters. Are you all clear on this?"[43]


                    3. Religious Circles Boycott Falun Gong, Calling It a Cult


                    Since the day when Falun Gong debuted, China Buddhist circle has begun to resist Falun Gong and kept an eye on it.


                    Falun Gong first appeared in 1992 under the cover of Buddhism. While taking advantage of Buddhism, Falun Gong distorted and desecrated Buddhism wantonly, and drawn attention and aroused strong indignation in China Buddhist circle.


                    In 1994, Mr. Chen Xingqiao, a lay Buddhist, deputy secretary-general of the Buddhist Association in Harbin at that time, went to Harbin Ice Hockey Gym to listen to Li Hongzhi's Fa teaching. Li Hongzhi claimed Falun Gong to be at the highest level of Buddhism, implying that Li himself was at a level higher than Sakyamuni, other sages and men of virtue. Yet Mr. Chen found that Li Hongzhi didn't know Buddhism at all. In fact, Li even made mistakes on the elementary knowledge of Buddhism. Having read Li Hongzhi's books and studied Falun Gong, Chen Xingqiao wrote an article Restore Falun Gong's True Color – A New Folk Religion in 1996. Chen pointed out that from the traditional Buddhist point of view, Falun Gong was an evil cult, and the book Zhuan Falun and others were all books of heresy. In June 1998, a book Qigong of Buddhism and Falun Gong written by Chen Xingqiao was published. The book pointed out sharply that Falun Gong was full of fallacies and self-contradictions. Li Hongzhi debased and denounced the existing religions and Qigong without restraint. Li Hongzhi deliberately exaggerated some limitations of science and certain crises of modern society just for the purpose of fooling and bewitching people. If we do nothing about Falun Gong, it would surely endanger our life in four aspects. First it would deter the healthy development of the science and Qigong. Second it would disturb the solidarity and stability of religion circles of China. Third it would negatively influence China's reforms and opening-up to outside world and communications with foreign countries. Fourth it would prevent people from having normal work and life.


                    In 1996, the publication Taizhou Buddhist Monthly sponsored by Taizhou Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, took the lead in criticizing Falun Gong by publishing several authored articles against Falun Gong. The authors and titles of these articles are as follows


                    Zhijue: Zhuan Falun – the Evil Heresies to Destroy People's Lives;


                    Liu Jihan: Zhuan Falun, What Kind of Book is It? – Also Appraise Li Hongzhi, the Founder of Falun Gong;


                    Zhang Bingquan: Zhuan Falun – the Evil Book to Desecrate Buddhism;


                    Lu Shouzhong: Zhuan Zheng Falun;


                    Jin Gangjian: Falun Gong Is the Cult under Camouflage of Buddhism;


                    Wu Xin: Falun Gong Does not Belong to Buddhism;


                    Wang Wenhui: Comments on Li Hongzhi's Two-Faced Tricks;


                    How Did the Falun Fly over on to Lei Feng's Head (written by an author from Buddhist Academy of the Tianning Temple, Changzhou); etc.[44]


                    After 1997, other publications such Shanghai Buddhist Bimonthly and Guangdong Buddhist Bimonthly also published articles criticizing Falun Gong. The Shanghai Buddhist circle collected articles criticizing Falun Gong and introducing positively the Qigong of Buddhism. These articles were compiled into a book named Destroy the Cult to Restore Upright Buddhism which circulated within Buddhist circle.


                    In January 1988, Buddhist Association of China held a seminar concerning Falun Gong. The attendees declared unanimously that Falun Gong is not Buddhism, nor is it a religion or real Qigong. Falun Gong is an arrant heresy which is opposite to Buddhism.


                    On August 1, 1999, Mr. Zhao Puchu, former president of Buddhist Association of China, said the Buddhist Association of China had long been aware of the cult nature of Falun Gong because Falun Gong had always pirated Buddhist terms and put on masks of Buddhism to deceive society and bewitch the people. As far as Buddhism was concerned, Falun Gong is none other but a cult, a kind of devil.


                    On August 2, 1998, vice-president of Buddhist Association of China Jamyang Losangjigme Tubdainqoigyi Nyima said the word "Falun" was a special term of Buddhism. Li Hongzhi deceived many people because he had adopted the special term of Buddhism as the name of his fallacies. Some people mistook that Falun Gong was something of Buddhism nature. Actually, the so-called Falun Gong was just one kind of heresy and not a religion at all, not mention Buddhism. Li Hongzhi claimed himself to be "the greatest Buddha" who was even greater than Sakyamuni. And he repeatedly debased and desecrated Lord Buddha and Buddhism. All these have proved that he does not believe in Buddhism and that the so-called "Falun Dafa" is not part of Buddhism. In the Buddhist circles, people paid great attention to practicing medicine to cure the sickness. In Chinese history, many people of the Buddhist circle were doctors with superb medical skill. Many medical academies were set up in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Yet Li Hongzhi did not allow Falun Gong practitioners to take medicine, this sufficiently proved Falun Gong not to be Buddhism.


                    In August 2000, Master Sheng Hui, vice president of Buddhist Association of China visited the United States. He told reporters at Los Angeles that Falun Gong just pirated terms of Buddhism, such as Falun, Dharma Body (Fashen) etc. But in fact, Li Hongzhi and his followers did not understand the doctrines of Buddhism. Li Hongzhi claimed Falun Gong to be the most profound level of Buddhism, a level even higher than Sakyamuni Buddha. He cheated people by saying that only Falun Gong could relieve people's souls of purgatory (Duren). While other major religions such as Christianity, Buddhism could not do so. In this sense Li Hongzhi was really conducting anti-religion activities under the camouflage of religion. Sheng Hui also revealed to reporters that, Li Hongzhi did not acknowledge (Falun Gong) was Qigong, as a result, the Chinese Qigong Association had Li's name removed from the registers. Li Hongzhi did not acknowledge Falun Gong was a religion either. He mentally controlled his disciples, advocated cult worship, publicized the idea of "destruction of the world" and set up mysterious organizations. All in all, Falun Gong was totally an evil cult.[45]


                    Buddhist Association of China issued An Open Letter to National Buddhist Circle on March 3, 2001 as following:


                    "Li Hongzhi is the bad sort who stole our Buddhist wheel as a cult title and abused holy birthday of Lord Buddha as that of the common herd as well as taking Buddhist terms for his evil sayings. It is Falun Gong, which cheat innocent people. People will be frightened once Falun Gong is talked about. As Falun Dafa does so many evils to society, we Buddhist feel shameful with his sayings on Buddhism. It is a huge humiliation for Buddhism in its long history and a big evilness could not be born by Buddha Dharma in thousands of aeons. In an auspicious time of family reunions at the eve of Spring Festival, poisoned and bewitched by Li Hongzhi's heresy of 'consummation' the crazy followers of Falun Gong went to Tian'anmen Square to burn themselves for death. Desperate cry of the naive girl distressed us in depth of our hearts. So tragic an event in human world made people startling as well. The ferocious feature of the evil cult was completely unmasked in front of blood and fire. Why could the 'Consummation' become Li Hongzhi's excuse to murder innocent life? Why was Dharma wheel with no guilty reduced to be Falun Gong's tool controlling the people mentally?


                    "Li Hongzhi and his cult Falun Gong did what they were particularly good at to belittle, blaspheme and humiliate at Buddhism as well as other religions. He declared in crazy that 'religions in nowadays, like Buddhism and Protestantism as well as Catholics etc., could not convert people as they are something in vulgar', 'Presently, in the whole world only I myself am teaching the right things', and 'I could convert all human beings into a bright light world, as I am a savior to be more higher than Sakyamuni or LaoTzi or Jesus Christ.' What a shame! In the wrath of God and anger of human, Li Hongzhi should be punished for his evil blasphemes.


                    "Since years before, fourfold assembly of Buddhists have kept alert on the cult Falun Gong. They have indignantly denounced Li Hongzhi's crimes without stops. Rev. Zhao Puchu, the late President of Buddhist Association of China, stressed as early as five years ago that Falun Gong was a cult. Banning only was not enough, theories of right faith should be used to effectively suppress false sayings of cult. With our fights like ocean's roar or lion's roar or vajra's anger, all Buddhist temples, monks and nuns should be raised to fulfill last wishes of Rev. Zhao and throw themselves into struggles with the evil cult Falun Gong. All Buddhist temples, monks and nuns should take opportunities of lecturing on Dharma to make Buddhist disciples clear about the differences between religions with right faith and the cult. Let people know about the evil cult Falun Gong's harm to country and people as well as religious beliefs. With Buddhist traditions of fights with cult, we refute the evil cult Falun Gong's false sayings. With spreading of Buddhism with right faith, let our faith resume to be holy and pure and the Dharma wheel to be brilliant more."[46]


                    Falun Gong has been recognized universally as the cult by the international Buddhist circle.


                    On May 19, 2000, United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters held a World Forum on Buddhism, Buddhist Studies and Buddha Dharma Uprightness in Taiwan. More than 2,000 Buddhists ranked Living Buddha, dignitary and lay Buddhist from 28 countries including USA, Canada, France, Japan, Thailand and Nepal took part in the forum. The participants had made a review and appraisal of Li Hongzhi and other disputed individuals. The Forum determined through voting that Li Hongzhi, Qinghai and Song Qili were preachers of cult, indicating that Li Hongzhi and other Falun Gong members had garbled Buddha Dharma, and that their so-called universal Buddha Dharma was utterly self-fabricated heresy. The attendees stated that the so-called universal Buddha Dharma advocated by Li Hongzhi was utterly against the Tripitaka doctrine of Buddha since it was nothing but fabricated heresies used to bewitch the ordinary people. They out and out are all cults.[47]


                    On February 15, 2001, Thailand Buddhist organizations including the Applied International Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, Da Guang Buddhist Community, Tong De Buddhist Community, etc., issued a joint statement. It read that, "Falun Gong (followers) and Li Hongzhi have at last revealed their true colors of maniacs. We Buddhists should always stand aloof from worldly strife. But Li Hongzhi has been acting wildly and audaciously. He juggles his birthday and says he was born on the same day with Sakyamuni Buddha and bewitches people by claiming himself to be the rebirth of Buddha. Li Hongzhi also pirates terms of Buddhism and Taoism to confuse and poison people's minds. What Li Hongzhi commits was none other but treason and heresy. Li Hongzhi repeatedly offends the dignity of Buddha, desecrates sanctity of Buddhism, cheats people and brings harm to the society. The likes of us certainly could not tolerate his crimes and state our stern condemnation." The statement called for people from all circles to see through the true colors of Falun Gong and not to be deceived by Li Hongzhi.[48]


                    In March 2001, the Singapore Buddhist Federation declared solemnly that Falun Gong has absolutely nothing to do with Buddhism although Falun Dafa Association adopted terms of Buddhism in its registered name and the symbol of Buddhism Falun (or Wheel of Law). Falun Gong is not a religion, nor does it carry forward Buddhism. So it has nothing to do with Buddhism.[49]


                    In April 2006, the 23rd Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) held in Taiwan passed "Ten declarations" which clearly included the following "Stick to the upright Religions. Oppose Falun Gong which damages Buddhism by pirating the term Falun (Wheel of Law)." The Conference also called on Buddhists around the world to "face up to and denounce the cult Falun Gong jointly."[50]


                    On May 10, 2006, the International Day of Vesak World Buddhist Conference (UNDV) held in Thailand reiterated in the joint communique: "The Conference confirms that Falun Gong contradicts the basic doctrine of Buddhism."[51]


                    In Addition to the Buddhist circle, the Christianity, Catholicism and Taoism, etc. all condemned Falun Gong. None orthodox religion has recognized Falun Gong as a religion.


                    On July 22, 1999, after the Chinese government banned Falun Gong according to law, comment poured in from around the religious circles.


                    Jin Luxian, honorary chairman of the China Patriotic Catholic Association and diocesan of Catholic Diocese of Shanghai, says Falun Dafa is a cult. It is not a normal religion, nor is it a legal organization.[52]


                    Shen Derong, chairman of the Shanghai Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee, holds that Falun Gong is a cult and Li Hongzhi is a plagiarizer. He steals ideas from other religions and then changes their forms to cook up Falun Gong fallacies. So Falun Gong is a monster neither party nor religion.


                    Cao Shengjie, former president of the Shanghai Municipal Administrative Commission of Protestant Church, maintains that Falun Gong is not only an illegal organization, but also an illegal organization of a cult nature...Li Hongzhi preaches "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" in words, but what he has done is completely on the opposite. This shows that he purposely cheats innocent people to work for him. Li Hongzhi and other cult leaders poison people's souls with a set of absurd, superstitious ideas, bringing decadence, depression or death to people, or smashing their families into pieces. Religions advocate religious beliefs, but religions do not reject rational thinking. Yet Li Hongzhi on the contrary, taking advantage of people's ignorance, does everything possible to control his disciple's minds, demand them blindly obey his orders and drive people to do bad things.[53]


                    In August 2000, Fu Tieshan, president of the China Patriotic Catholic Association headed the Chinese religious leader delegation to attend the "Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious Leaders" held at the UN Headquarters. He pointed out in his speech: "With the trend of economic globalization, the multiculturalism is developing. There also appear some evil cults which, under the cloak of religion, intend to accumulate wealth and hoodwink the people. The Falun Gong in China, the Aum Supreme Truth in Japan and the Branch Davidians in USA, etc., are all examples of such cults. Since these cults poison the souls and kill the lives of innocent people, we religious people should be highly on guard against these cults, help people see through the evil nature of these cults."


                    In March 2003, a "Religion against Cult" campaign was launched in the religious circles of China. Leading figures of the religious circles stated clearly their stands one after another.[54]


                    Min Zhiting, president of the China Taoist Association, says the religion's attitude towards human being and life differs radically from that of the cult. The Taoism believes one should try to do charity to the society because it is right to respect life and cherish the virtue. But Falun Gong has hoodwinked and instigated people to commit suicide to obtain "Consummation." And that's absolutely committing crimes.


                    Han Shenggui, vice president of the China Islamic Association, believes that Falun Gong is an arrant cult because what Falun Gong has done is opposite to the religion's fundamental aim of putting people first, respecting human rights and loving all lives. The Islamism maintains "patriotism is part of our religion," and instructs and encourages Muslims working hard to construct our country, develop the economy, promote education, and enrich people's lives. It would be totally inconceivable that there exists a religion like Falun Gong in the world because Falun Gong conducts mental control, instigates people to give up normal life and sabotages orders of the society.


                    Ma Yinglin, secretary-general of the Chinese Catholic Bishops College, points out that the Catholicism does not deny or negate people's present lives, nor does it encourage people to escape from reality. The Catholicism instructs people based on the present life, "pray and come to realize the truth frequently," and commit themselves to real life with an active and optimistic attitude. Li Hongzhi's "Doomsday theory" is nothing but "a curse" to disrupt people's minds, a lash to drive his followers. His heresy can not save people of the world, even less can it save the cult's destiny of being trampled and spurned by people.


                    Deng Fucun, vice president of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee of Protestant Churches of China, says a Christian priest from United States has a deep analysis of the Falun Gong fallacies with a result that Li Hongzhi has pirated many doctrine terms from other religions. Li himself is actually like a condor who has planted beautiful peacock's feathers onto its own body; once the condor trembles a bit, its ugly body will certainly be exposed to public.


                    Ding Guangxun, honorary president of the Chinese Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee, and honorary president of the China Christian Council, points out that there are many elements such as compassion, beauty and love in the human nature. These elements have been passed on continuously from generation to generation. But Falun Gong, poisoning people's minds and cruelly killing people's lives, has completely lost humanity. If the whole society had been deceived by Falun Gong, the world would have fallen back for over hundreds of thousands years. And no one would know where to get the human development started.


                    From June to August, 2007, the monthly magazine Church and Heresy attached to South Korea Christian published consecutively three articles disclosing and denouncing Falun Gong. The magazine has recognized Falun Gong as a cult and called for people to condemn Falun Gong and not to be hoodwinked by the cult. The articles pointed out: "Falun Gong is a cult because it deifies one person (Li Hongzhi) and claims his followers can also become immortals. This beyond-styled belief has sparked off disputes in the society...Falun Gong advertises that people who practice Falun Gong may become immortals and obtain the power to cure disease without taking any medicine. Falun Gong also deliberately deifies and 'alienates' Li Hongzhi, wantonly spreads his fallacies, and cause evil consequences to society. In this sense, Falun Gong is a non-belief cult much more vicious than any other social crimes." Interviewed by reporters of the Global Times, Li Dafu, president of the magazine spoke with indignation: "We published a special addition in June this year, because we have made deep investigations and interviews. And we have already seen through the true color of Falun Gong and determined to carry the struggle against the cult to the end. Our purposes are to wake up the common people to denounce Falun Gong and ensure social stability and the quiet life of our people."[55]

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